90-day immersion

Available globally, virtually, with personalized One-On-One support

Close your eyeS. 

see your ideal, healthy vibrant life in front of you.

What does that FEEL like?


  • A positive, open approach to thyroid health and healing.
  • Living without pain, worry, and struggle
  • Healing your own health challenges
  • Knowing how to deliberately create inner peace + fulfillment + happiness (whenever you desire)
  • After 90 days together you will have that flat stomach, Christmas lights in your brain like no tomorrow, the energy to FINALLY create (or finish) that love project you desired, or hey, have the oomph to lead your team to new heights, book more clients, and what the heck, create a retreat to Bali (or come to mine next March!)


so here's what i desire for you:

  • Waking up every morning without joint pain
  • Walking into the kitchen and KNOWING what to eat to make you oh so shiny from the inside out
  • Frolicking to work (or jumping on your home office, ehem bed) inspired, ignited, and beaming with ideas
  • Coming home to lovely baths and essential oils, having that man in your life adoring your body (and feeling pretty hot yourself!)


so here's how you'LL RECIEVE IT:

Before we even begin, I send you an oh-so-wonderful welcome packet with my personal favorite mantras and a grocery list, to get your mind and stomach in line for the 3 months to come.

Then, we begin our journey together.

I hold your hand, we take a glimpse at your current food and lifestyle situation.

I whip up my magic spells of recipes (custom for you)!

Then, we settle into our sessions over the phone or via Google Hangout where we dive into discuss your belief systems and start implementing the movement segment.

As my client you will get VIP access to my library of thyroid yoga workouts - so you’ll always have access to the sequences you need to keep loving up your body.




During this comprehensive program, you will...

  • Understand your symptoms, how they’ve manifested, and how to treat them with a customized self-care program.

  • Become your own inner healer rather than relying on others to put a band-aid on your wounds.

  • Feel empowered to create lasting change in the health of your body, relationship with yourself and others, and in your career.

  • Get support from a personal mentor who has been there, gets it, and will answer any of your questions!

  • Be held accountable for your own healing, and in return expect 100% investment in your healing from your personal mentor.

  • Move past any fear or self-doubt holding you back from your dharma, the life you were born to live.

  • Uncover your true voice, your creative energy, and your freedom of self-expression that will enable you to form more meaningful, lasting relationships, a career that nourishes your soul, and a love for your beautiful inner goddess.


  • Okay with letting others control the health of their bodies.

  • Satisfied with quick fixes and band-aid approaches to “treat” their thyroid symptoms.

  • Able to spend time running in circles going to doctors upon doctors, and actually enjoy it!

  • Not interested in empowering themselves to live their brightest, most fulfilled lives.

  • Uninterested in speaking their truth or expressing themselves freely in their careers and relationships.

  • Happy for others to feel beautiful and vibrant while they feel less than ideal in their bodies.


  • Feel less than happy with their current state of health.

  • Wake up feeling foggy, puffy, bloated, congested, and swollen, and are FED UP!

  • Desire freedom of expression, creative power, and integrity.

  • Have an important message to share with the world.

  • Know that deep down happiness, vibrant health, and liberation is their birthright.

  • Are busy! And sick and tired of wasting time and money, running in circles with their health.

  • Want results and are willing to do the inner work rather than relying on others to heal their bodies.

  • Know that commitment to lifelong health is the most important investment one can make in their futures and the future of their families.



PROGRAM DETAILS (How we do it!):

  • 50-minute phone or Skype sessions customized to your unique questions, desires and goals

  • Unlimited email support w/ 48-hour turnaround

  • Thyroid.Yoga® sequences targeted to nourish your thyroid and adrenals

  • One-on-one guided meditation support your renewal and vitality

  • Personalized nutritional guidance & healthy, simple-to-prepare recipes

  • Coaching and support to help you make the recommended dietary and lifestyle adjustments

  • Exercises to re-program subconscious patterns, promote positive thinking and encourage healthylife-changes

  • Loving encouragement and my personal commitment to your health and success



  • Improved mental clarity, energy levels, metabolism, immunity, and sleep quality.

  • Masterfully handling stressful situations from a place of personal power

  • Deepened interpersonal relationships and connectivity at home, work, and your community.

  • Learning the art of deliberate creation while, most importantly, creating inner-peace + fulfillment + happiness



You’re going to learn how to develop a positive, open approach to thyroid health and healing.

You’re going to learn how to improve mental clarity, energy levels, metabolism, immunity, and sleep quality.

You’re going to learn how to move from helplessness to personal control.

You’re going to learn the ability to handle stressful situations.

You’re going to learn how to deepen interpersonal relationships.

You’re going to develop a greater sense of connectivity at home, work, and in your community.

You’re going to learn how to live without pain, worry, and struggle and heal your own health challenges

You’re going to learn the art of deliberate creation while, most importantly, creating inner-peace + fulfillment + happiness.


You are ready for this. You (yes, you!). How do I know this? Because you made it down to this point.

Something singin’ inside of you doesn’t want to wait another day to feel better.


READY TO WORK TOGETHER? Let's get started!