I am so excited to share with you a very powerful tool that helped me to overcome chronic Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid symptoms, in hope that it will empower you to heal your own thryoid conditions, too.

Do you feel like a “patient” who is on a strict regimen of supplements and pills just to function on a daily basis? I know I did. I woke up foggy and puffy every day, and forgot what it felt like to feel “normal.” In fact, I thought I never would again.

Until I found yoga and meditation. These ancient healing practices changed everything.

Maybe you’re not yet convinced?

Mind-Body medicine works by using the power of thoughts and emotion to control physical health. Simply channeling your mind to influence your body can be one of the greatest forces for health and longevity.

Even if you are doing all the nutritional and supplementation protocol suggested by your medical practitioner, if your mind is not aligned with a state of healing, your body may not heal as quickly, or as strongly.

I have found through working with hundreds of clients that meditation can be a key ingredient to healing, especially when coupled with other Mind-Body therapies and practices, to help maintain a balance in the body. This is very important when healing an internal condition such as thyroid dysfunction or an autoimmune disease.

Just as a house will fall to the ground without its foundation, your body can often become chronically sick without a mind focused on health and happiness.

Your body truly is a mirror reflection of what’s going on inside that beautiful head of yours.

I believe that every person has the power to realize consciousness, the ability to take responsibility, and a desire to find self-love and self-healing. Meditation will help with this.

From this space of self-love, you will naturally gravitate towards healing foods, exercise and daily movement, and a lifestyle that will help you feel alive, healthy, vibrant, and wonderful. You will gravitate towards the means to keep your body alive, prevent sickness, and experience a profound mind-body connection.

During these silent moments in meditation, we become in tune with our selves while gaining a sense of trust in making our own decisions.

Through my own journey to achieve wellness, mediation intuitively has helped me to choose which practices resonate with me to become the glowing, luminous woman I am today. The healthy, plant-based diet I eat, the green juices I drink, and the natural supplements and energy work have become second nature.

I have found that clients who meditate no longer need to self-sabotage their current health and happiness, but are empowered to change all aspects of their lives when they truly begin to move to a space of self-love. Awareness is the first step towards good health and your ideal body.

There is nothing more important than truly believing – with all your soul - that the healthy treatments you choose will work. Your belief sets the intention, and from that intention the healing process occurs, and then a disease-free state can manifest in your body.

Meditation can help set that healing intention. During meditation your mind is silent so you no longer have any fear-based thoughts. In a place without this thought, you can be completely detached from the outcome and remove any resistance that may be causing a discord during the healing process.

Today, I encourage you to sit patiently with yourself, look in the mirror, and ask the simplest of questions:

“What about my thought patterns, personal journey, struggles, and life has prevented me accomplishing true health?"

Then, for 5 minutes, visualize yourself in perfect health and happiness to allow yourself to draw it into your life.

How does this feel in your body?

Every morning set aside 5 minutes to sit in silence. I’ve created an 11-minute Guided Throat Chakra healing meditation for you. This daily meditation helped me to send love and healing light to my thyroid rather than negativity and disdain for being “broken.”

If you feel unable to express yourself freely, or feel judged by others, you aren’t your authentic self, bottle things up inside because you are afraid to speak your truth, resist communicating out of fear, or can’t tap into or express your creative energy, then this meditation can help you break through those challenges and release the blocked energy that has been stagnant in your thyroid.


I’d love to hear whether a daily, consistent meditation practice using this meditation as your guide, has helped your healing or sustained well-being! Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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I’d love to hear how practicing this sequence daily has helped you. Please share with me: love@thyroid.yoga and while you’re at it, learn how to truly integrate these poses so that you can experience the healing you’ve been dreaming about. Apply now to for a complimentary Clarity Session with me here.