As we raise our own vibration through self-awareness and healing, we naturally heal others - just by holding a higher vibration for our partners, our friends, co-workers, and all who we come into contact with. If you are willing and ready to do this very important work, I would be honored to guide you through this journey! 

This mentorship relationship is based on vulnerability and trust - I will help you to uncover any blockages that may be holding you back, and guide you to a place of self-assurance, confidence, balance and ease.

Through the techniques learned through this unique mentorship, you will have the tools to move through life with greater ease, vibrant health, and a clear state of mind - as you speak your authentic truth with self-assured confidence, grace, and radiance. 

This unique 8-week one-on-one mentoring includes:

  • 8 (eight) 50-minute coaching sessions scheduled weekly via Skype/Google+ Hangout
  • Guided kundalini meditations, techniques, and visualization exercises to reprogram subconscious patterns, ignite creativity, and attract prosperity in career, relationships and your personal life

*Note: Single sessions are available 'a la carte' upon request.

Please send an email to to schedule your initial session.