Thyroid Yoga® Virtual Sessions - 8 one-hour sessions


Thyroid Yoga® Virtual Sessions - 8 one-hour sessions

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Together, we laser in on what you need right now so you can feel instant results and clarity. Offering you expert guidance without fluff, smoke, and mirrors - so you see real results, feel deep healing and begin to discover profound answers within yourself. 

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Fern Olivia's 8-Week Intensive is an online, interactive eight-week coaching program tailored to those who want to feel confident and peaceful in their body without depriving themselves. 

The program is designed to create a safe sanctuary to help you overcome the social, emotional, and spiritual blocks that have kept you from achieving your ideal health, fitness and well-being. We encourage the understanding that your body is a mirror image of what you feel inside and that, by reprograming your thoughts, feelings and emotions, you can learn to shift the subconscious to release anxiety around relationships, your body, and your life. 

Over the eight weeks, you will receive dedicated attention and support to cultivate the full inspiration and a set of powerful tools to move forward as with a healthy mind and body once the program ends.


  • Eight 60-minute calls or Skype Sessions
  • Unlimited email support with 48-hour turnaround
  • Customized eating and healthy living plan
  • Weekly assignments and action plans to keep you motivated 
  • Simple meditation, breath and lifestyle tips and tools to reprogram positive thinking and shift to a healthier state of mind
  • Access to Fern Olivia's Thyroid Yoga® meditation downloads and videos to guide you to create new healthy patterns and a daily practice to create a happier, healthier life