Join the radiant Fern Olivia Langham for a healing experience that will empower you to live a life of true liberation. This one-of-a-kind experience is perfect for anyone experiencing a thyroid or autoimmune condition, hormone imbalance of infertility. You'll enjoy Thyroid Yoga® movement sequences twice a day, breath work and meditation with aromatherapy from Ajai Alchemy. With plenty of one-on-one time, Fern Olivia will guide you in rediscovering your own intuitive wisdom to understand the root cause of your symptoms. You'll also learn specific integrative modalities that you can apply to understand your energetic body and release deep-seated patterns of fear, self-doubt and limiting beliefs so you can liberate yourself and finally feel good again.


Your all-inclusive experiences await.



May 5-7, 2017


Think of this as more of an arrival, less of a retreat, because when we take time to be with our breath, slow down and feel, we arrive to our authentic selves. We are not escaping ourselves. Instead, we are arriving, home. We can face our innate humanity and let go of perfection. We open ourselves up to the beauty that is our life.

Fern Olivia will offer an extraordinary blend of restorative, invigorating, and meditative workshops throughout the weekend.

You'll apply Taoist principles to open the spaces for your organs, Kundalini kriya to make you more radiant, and receive the blessings of the intricately woven asanas (sequences), pranayama (breath work), chanting and mantras to make you invincible. Throughout class, Fern Olivia will use hands on assists, reiki energy work and aromatherapy to balance and activate your senses with seductive essential oil blends from her all-organic line, Ajai Alchemy.

Her approach to yoga, in both practice and instruction, emphasizes the power and potential the practice has to tap us into our own inner healers and invincible selves. She will share her own daily practices for self-appreciation and radiance. Come with an open mind and you'll experience: curious, sweaty, humbling, hilarious, full of choice, supportive, and grounding.



This oceanfront gem has killer views, tons of amenities (a seawater swimming pool! a private beach! a spa!) and amazing dining and cocktailing options. The sprawling property is equal parts luxurious and laid-back, so you’ll get the best of both worlds.




October 14-19, 2017

  • 5 nights at a serene undisclosed luxury destination
  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner - all organic and gluten-free
  • Daily signature Thyroid Yoga® classes and meditations led by Fern Olivia
  • Personalized one-on-one consultation with Fern Olivia, thyroid and hormone expert
  • Natural beauty and essential oil workshops
  • Exclusive destination to be unveiled soon.