Event: Unconditional Self-Love & Soul-Level Intimacy with Desiree Lanz

An Evening of Connection, Breathwork, Energy Healing and Guided Meditation

Through self-care, we learn to love ourselves. Through loving ourselves, we know and uphold our value. Through knowing our value, we raise our vibration to match and attract the dream relationships, finances and vocational opportunities our souls long for. As we enjoy and feel good about the abundance in all areas of our lives in a balanced way, we continue to align with the universe’s synchronicities and tune in to mental peace, emotional stability, physical health and spiritual connection. Join Desiree Lanz and Fern Olivia for a night that includes connecting with each other, letting go, healing and manifesting from a place of total self-love and acceptance in attunement to our highest self.

Friday, July 21st at 7:15pm

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