The Truth I've Been Afraid to Tell: Why I Hired a Life Coach

If you asked me a month ago whether I thought I needed a life coach, I would have shaken my head and told you I had it all taken care of. Maybe that was because I was so busy taking care of all my clients and responsibilities I didn’t have to take a deeper look at where I was neglecting myself. Because darn, it’s a lot harder to put yourself first when you have a big mission to “save the world.” I’ve quickly realized that when “saving the world” is at the expense of myself, it’s not selfless at all, it’s actually selfish, and isn’t in alignment with my mission to serve! This is exactly what was keeping me stuck in relationships and in my career.

I wouldn’t have admitted that I wasn’t taking care of myself, because my self-care rituals are pretty top notch - from spa days to frequenting the infrared sauna and yoga on the daily, and giving myself reiki in between seeing clients for energy work and Thyroid Yoga® sessions.

However, if you asked about the “ghosts in my closet” aka relationships, partnerships, and friendships I had left behind or those I had hurt unintentionally to whom I never apologized for my own sh*t, you’d see there were quite a few people - including my parents, previous business partners and dear friends who never deserved the sadness I had caused them. In fact, I had been blaming them. Now, under the guidance of my coach I am cleaning this all up, step by step.

This is not easy work to do, that’s why I had avoided this level of life coaching for years. I realize it is not easy to recognize all of me--, yes, powerful, wonderful, lightworker me, also has traits that aren’t beautiful. Over time, making excuses to numb the pain of where I just behaved badly, has actually created patterns that keep me from shining brighter in my love life and career.

As someone who is passionate for self-realization and creating conscious relationships, I’ve done extensive work on myself. I wouldn’t have created a globally successful wellness and holistic lifestyle brand if I hadn’t overcome some massive hurdles in my own life. I am forever grateful to the Handel Group team for the Design Your Life Weekend and holding me accountable to my highest through consistent phone coaching sessions.

It is remarkable how quickly life changes and levels up when you take accountability for creating your own reality.

It is remarkable how having a badass coach and rockstar team accelerates this!

It is remarkable how investing in yourself proves to yourself that you are worth having the life of your dreams. Especially if you’ve always invested in others first. (Hello, my people pleasers, I’m speaking to you!)

If you are noticing that you’ve been repeating the same patterns over and over, and having the same results, or not getting to the level you’d like to be living at, it’s your time.

There are so many ways to try life coaching! If you want to get your feet wet, try a subscription to Inner.U, their new digital coaching course, and get $75 off the subscription price with this code FERN75. 

Meanwhile, one-on-one coaching offers continuous support and accountability when shi(f)t gets tough. Schedule your free consultation ( to learn more about coaching options.

Either way you go, you’re showing up in a bold way, and that is huge.

I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

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