Intuitive energy medicine


Traditional Western Medical modalities speak to the symptoms and often fail to address the state of being which caused these symptoms - which in turn leaves many feel despair, hopelessness, and isolation when receiving a diagnosis.

Intuitive Medicine is a robust combination of Empowerment Coaching, Intuitive Counseling and Spirit Work that addresses what holds you back with care and deep attention. We go inward to examine the underlying internal conditions which created the “symptoms” to begin with so to prevent symptoms from arising before they have a chance to create damaging patterns in your life. This offering goes beyond just coaching. This is spirit work that enriches our entire being.

These sessions allow me to read your energy and receive guidance while taking in non-verbal communication that fast tracks progress and helps me guide you towards the core issues faster than simply talking in a traditional coaching session or Western Medicine could ever do.

I utilize channeled intuitive information and energetic healing methods to raise your body and soul's energetic vibration, and help work through and release emotional and physical issues to transform into your most joyous, successful and inspired self.  

Additionally, you leave each session with practical work, holistic lifestyle ritual, herbal recommendations and Kundalini Yogic Science to take into your daily life ensuring that our work has steadiness and devotion that travels with you between sessions, giving strong roots to the changes being made and the energy being healed.

The sessionS

Distance sessions are held for 60-minutes via Zoom Audio or Video. Distant sessions are recorded for you to review at your convenience.

Ready to find lasting healing from deep-rooted thyroid and hormone imbalance, dis-ease, and curate a magnificent, healthy, radiant life?

Let’s meet each month to hasten your progress and bring you additional support as you shed the skin of the past and find renewal.