Clairvoyance and Purification 3-Day Guided Liver Detox

Clairvoyance and Purification 3-Day Guided Liver Detox

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Cleanse in classic yogic style with specific Kundalini Yoga exercises, meditation, holistic lifestyle practice, integrative nutrition recommendations, plant-based recipes and enemas for liver purification and spiritual clarity. Guided by expert cleanse consultants Fern Olivia and Sarah Roberts - your tough love cheerleaders in this incredible journey.

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2020 is the year to rewire your brain, release habitual eating, detoxify your body from sugar and excess density in your naval center and lower chakras, and become aligned in your purpose from a place of confidence and drive.


  • Comprehensive Cleanse E-Book

  • Kundalini Yoga Kriya (Sequence) Handouts & Videos

  • Guided Meditations for Emotional Eating, Spiritual Guidance, Energy Cleansing, Energetic Boundaries and Grounding

  • Breathing practices that fortify and cleanse every cell in your body and welcome you to experience inner peace and beauty that radiates outward.

  • Exclusive, Private Facebook Group with Access to Cleanse Guides Fern Olivia & Sarah Roberts

Not Included:

Foret Enema Cleanse Kit

Juices and ingredients

What this cleanse is:

We are not here to be dogmatic and control your eating habits or preach a raw plant-based diet, though we do suggest you TRY this way of nourishment with proven Kundalini Yogic Science to cleanse your body, and be curious, receptive and playful. Enemas have been around for hundreds of years and will profoundly open you up to your brightness, luminosity and lightness - your full potential to live in excellence. In this unique journey, we are providing you with a way to remove blocks - physical, energetic and spiritual, transform your life, remove karma, increase intelligence, intuition and live like an Aquarian human on an elevated, radiant, magnetic frequency.

Imagine that for 3-days you will make your body and mind your priority and learn the tools to keep these practices for life - a sustained, light lifestyle, one where you feel connected to your soul, your purpose, and the earth. Imagine waking up energized and starting your day with yoga and meditation - and loving it. Imagine how it will feel to go to the market and only buy fresh veggies and fruits, and feel completely nourished and connected to the vibration of the ingredients you intuitively know will serve your body. Imagine feeling free from cravings, sugar, and processed foods that have weakened your liver, thyroid, and adrenals. Imagine loving all parts of you - and forgiving all parts of you that have ever been shamed, hurt, or broken. Imagine reclaiming your power!

Your life is precious, your radiant health is a gift and often times all that is needed is a break from the patterns that haven’t been serving your highest alignment or keeping you from your true destiny. As we know, stress, anxiety and negative thinking patterns create energetic and physical blockages in your body and aura and addictive behavior keeps you in a low vibration that blocks intuition, creativity and manifestation power.

We are here to guide you through this with ease, comfort, and support.
You don't have to eat perfect all the time, though you may feel more inclined to after this cleanse and the enemas and lifestyle practices that will keep you feeling inspired and light.

The intention of this cleanse is not a quick fix or band-aid to “heal your body” for good. It is a sustained lifestyle guide. It will kickstart your metabolism and you may very likely lose weight, though if you desire consistent results, you are invited to make these rituals and practices part of your lifestyle.

This unique cleanse is that kind of experience. You are being called to reset your beautiful body, mind and soul so that you can attract the best, highest aligned experiences and opportunities to your life. So that you can put aside all your blocks, open your creative mind and allow your soul to have the best experience, ever, in this body, on this planet.

This cleanse is a lifetime subscription. You pay once and can repeat it anytime you wish. The exclusive Facebook community will provide you with unlimited access to Fern Olivia, Sarah Roberts, and a supportive community of light beings who are here for you, with you, to align to our highest frequency, together.

Here we are, to safely guide you to experience your light, powerful, radiant you.

This is your call. When you dive in to this experience with an intention to fully participate, you are guaranteed results beyond your wildest dreams.

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Meet Your Guides:

Fern Olivia, Cleanse Director

Fern Olivia is an internationally recognized wellness leader, Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP) certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a certified Intuitive Healer and Reiki Practitioner. Combining her undergraduate education in Biomedical Engineering with her studies in Eastern Medical practices, Fern Olivia has created Thyroid Yoga®, a unique approach to supporting thyroid health that has changed the lives of thousands of women and men around the world.

She has focused her learning and exploration on healing from chronic illness, the ways in which the body manifests wellness and sickness, and the direct connections to our relationships and alignment with our purpose. She has extensive experience with leading groups, retreats, and teacher trainings.  

 After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid disease in 2008, Fern Olivia was inspired by the lack of western medical knowledge about holistic lifestyle practices for hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, and autoimmune conditions. Her journey ignited a commitment to expand her knowledge of detox processes and awakening our inner healer, and over the past 10 years her passionate quest grew into her profession and is being shared with compassion and love.

Sarah Roberts, Cleanse Director

Sarah has over 10 years of experience in the wellness industry and a formal degree in Neuroscience. Her focus is on nutrition, emotions and the role they play to create dysbiosis in the body.

Her one-on-one wellness consulting stemmed from the lack of focus on the individual in the western medical system. The more people she worked with, the more she saw that although there are some commonalities, each person has their own unique journey to health and a state of well-being.

She spent years studying herbalism, alternative medicine, western principles and the minds role in all of this. She began to see a pattern in people’s relationships to their habits, patterns, selves and their state of well-being. This led her to start her own company, The Microdose Co. - a line of nootropics to optimize a person’s potential through daily habits. Rather than expecting her clients to completely change their lifestyle, Sarah has developed an easy way for them to change their thought patterns and reprogram their mind through pre-existing habits. This method has helped people reach optimal potential from the inside out.

Sarah is here to help you overcome your hurdles and guide you on your path to wellness.

The cleanse was beyond what I could have expected from a juice cleanse. I had never even had an enema outside of a medical procedure before! With my body feeling out of alignment in both the physical self and emotional being I was seeking a way to reset my systems and become more tuned into all of me. Fern sparked my curiosity to learn more about the connection of my thyroid and gut health to my overall wellness based on witnessing the work she does with others and the self care she has for herself. I am so pleased with the results and how I felt in less than a week. I had more energy than I thought possible and was able to do daily movement of running, yoga and surfing!

The enemas turned out to be a sacred part of the process and extremely gentle to complete. I found great connection to my physical being, released negative body talk, and regained listening to what my body needs to fuel my daily purpose.

I highly recommend this to a newbie cleanser as a way to jump start a more balanced wellness approach or to the experienced juicer looking to gain deeper emotions and body connectivity. With Fern you get the support and guidance needed to cleanse and align in the most comfortable way.