Essential Oil Consultation

Essential Oil Consultation


As an expert in aromatherapy and essential oils, I can help you learn to confidently and safely use essential oils for yourself and your family.

I offer essential oil consultations for women’s health in regards to:

  • Thyroid conditions

  • Stress, emotional balance, soul healing, mental clarity and purpose

  • Reproductive health, fertility, and moon cycles

  • Beautiful, natural, radiant clear skin

Consultations are 40 minutes and include an Ayurvedic consultation and a basic introduction to essential oils with the focus on essential oils related to your needs and protocols and rituals for your sustained health and well-being.

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Your session also includes a summary of:

-the oils that will support your health goals and concerns

-the oils to use to invoke the way you want to feel or to clear the emotions that you don't

- assessment of which chakras need support and which oils to use and how

- recommended schedule to integrate these oils into your daily routine

-how to use them and the most cost-effective and smart way to purchase them over the next 90 days

*Your session does not include the essential oil recommendations and can be purchased for a 50% discount when ordered during your session.