Intuitive Energy Medicine

Intuitive Energy Medicine

222.00 every month for 6 months

Distance sessions are held for 60-minutes via Zoom Audio or Video. Distant sessions are recorded for you to review at your convenience.

Ready to find lasting healing from deep-rooted thyroid and hormone imbalance, dis-ease, and curate a magnificent, healthy, radiant life?

We meet each month for 6 months to hasten your progress and bring you additional support as you shed the skin of the past and find renewal.


“Fern is a gifted teacher who holds a very special place in my heart. Her work yields a profound, cellular-level shift in her clients. 

Her intuitive wisdom helps her students heal themselves through movement, breathwork, and spiritual practice. Her work elevates, guides, and invites deep healing.” - ELENA BROWER, AUTHOR OF ART OF ATTENTION

"Fern Olivia is a one of those rare natural healers who has a gift for truly connecting with her clients intuitively and customizing a therapeutic program for them. She brings to the table a wealth of healing modalities and weaves them into a systematic approach in a nurturing & deeply nourishing fashion.

She embodies the essence of wellness and has learned through the process of healing herself.

Let her journey inspire yours.

If you are looking for a real holistic approach on healing your body, there isn't anyone better than Fern.” - DONNALYNN CIVELLO, INTUITIVE LIFE COACH; HOLISTIC NUTRITIONIST, YOGA TEACHER, SPEAKER & AUTHOR

“Fern is magic! I have worked with Fern for the past 15 months and it has been a journey into personal freedom. As a Master Healer, taking time for self-healing practices is essential to my rejuvenation rituals. Working with Fern brought my focus and consciousness to a different physical and spiritual place, that which I had not been before. My sessions with her allowed for my mind, spirit and body to heal. Her angelic voice and healing hands, coupled with the wealth of knowledge she has to share, undoubtedly signifies to me a true Master Healer and Expert. But what truly stands out in Fern is her innate kindness and passion to give - to give fully from her heart.” - SSANYU BIRIGWA, NARRATIVE MEDICINE AND REIKI MASTER