Illuminated Life Mentorship (Available Globally)

Illuminated Life Mentorship (Available Globally)

from 333.00 every month for 1 year

Unleash your inner potential to become a leader, find your confidence and grace as a healer, teacher, wellness leader, or Thyroid Yoga practitioner, and design the life you wish to live, with my support and unwavering accountability.

Imagine waking up with a full open day ahead of you, where you can choose your schedule and live fully liberated. I am astounded with the revelation that I can choose where I live, do what I love, and create a life of ease, service, and soul driven purpose - and it is a blessing that I know we are all capable of receiving.

I created the Illuminated Life Mentorship to create radical shifts in the lives of brilliant, caring leaders who would like to be the change makers in this world. Having the support of a mentor who is looking out for you and keeping you devoted to your daily practice (sadhana) makes the difference between living a life you CHOOSE and one that you end up with. It's not something to take lightly.

Through our time together, I will guide you to rewire your brain for abundance and lasting health through proven Kundalini Yoga practices, Qi Gong, and Reiki - and your devotion to these practices will ensure your success in seeing your dreams unfold in front of you. You are a magnet for miracles, and I am here to guide you in your accountability and celebrate you along the way.

If you recognize you have a lock or pattern that has been holding you back, and are willing to do whatever it takes to unblock yourself from that, then I can absolutely help you. I will provide you with the framework - you have to meet me halfway and do the work.

Sessions are held 1x or 2x a month for 60-minutes on Zoom Video. Unlimited email support is provided in between sessions.

Thank you for being an inspiration and showing me what is possible within myself. - Nicole Myslajek, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Nevada City California


This one-of-a-kind mentorship is all about you speaking and living the truth aligned with your soul.

How would this feel…..

You spend your time on what sets YOUR soul on fire…

You launch that thriving wellness business you've been dreaming about, the one that feels joyful and easeful and brings sustenance and nourishment to your life…

You maybe take a few months off to travel the world, and while doing so, you meet the love of your life and fall in love with yourself again…

You create intimate, unique retreats in Bali, Costa Rica and Hawai’i…

You redecorate your house and create the sacred, zen sanctuary you’ve been dreaming up on Pinterest….

You spend time with soul tribe - a conscious community changing the world…

You enjoy nature and the sound of your voice as you hum and chant in a gorgeous, serene oasis with fresh air and a gentle breeze…

Maybe even move by the beach to an eco-sustainable community, one where you always feel home and nourished… 

The beauty is,

You choose.

Gone are the fears of not being heard, supported, and sustained…

About worrying about having the right qualifications…

You can live your life with ease

No longer at the mercy of a health diagnosis

Because you are finally free

This is your birthright

This is what you are capable of

This is what I will guide you to receive.

  1. Devote to a personalized daily sadhana (sacred ritual) deeply rooted in the proven technology of Kundalini Yoga

  2. Break through the perceived blocks and limiting beliefs that had held you down in the past

  3. Embody radiance and success to become a magnet for opportunities

  4. Attract heart-centered collaborations and partnerships, from clients to brand and media sponsorships

  5. Find your authentic voice and be celebrated for your unique message

  6. Use social media and writing opportunities as your sacred tool to raise consciousness

  7. Fully rise up into your power, using the ancient science of Tantric Numerology as your energetic blueprint