Private Sensual Intelligence™ Retreat in Malibu or Nosara

Private Sensual Intelligence™ Retreat in Malibu or Nosara


During this two-day Retreat, you'll feel energized, deeply connected to your inner Medicine Woman. In this intimate, supportive space, you will feel safe, nourished, cared for, and understood.

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Our time together will begin with an introspective conversation around your life path, desires, dreams, and intentions.

As we work together to dive deep into any of the challenges or dis-ease you have been experiencing in your physical or energetic body, you’ll enter into the state of self realizing, tapping into your own empowered self-healing potential.

Our time together may include a combination of yoga, breath work, Reiki energy work, mindfulness practices, meditation, chanting, affirmations, creative movement, dancing, writing, culinary nourishment, nature hikes, aromatherapy, sound healing, tantra and sacred sensuality. 

You will leave feeling nourished, inspired, empowered, confident, seen, heard, and understood. 


"Working with Fern was absolutely amazing and I am so glad I travelled far to get the chance to do it. I started out with the online Thyroid Yoga® course and after I had completed it, I met with Fern for a 1:1 Retreat in Los Angeles. 
Spending the time with Fern in person made me feel understood without having to explain much. I would just have to touch upon things and Fern would pick it up right away and relate to it. Also being guided in the actual physical poses and rituals as opposed to watching it online really gave a clear understanding and feeling of what the poses should feel like. Her touch is very supportive and healing.
There is a special energy around healers and lightworkers that seems to grow stronger when you are physically closer. 
If you have the chance to attend a personal retreat with Fern, you will be changed forever.
A retreat with Fern in Costa Rica would be a dream come true. her energy is so healing and encouraging and compassionate that you come away from time spent with Fern like a new person." - Anya Bruder, Holistic Health Practitioner


Your destination

you choose: malibu, Los Angeles or Nosara, costa rica

Your private Sensual Intelligence™ Retreat will be located in magical Malibu, California or lush Nosara, Costa Rica, chosen upon your application. 

Accommodations and airfare are not included, although we will offer you recommendations and discounts from our affiliated properties.


your nourishment

During our time together, you will be nourished with high vibrational, delicious and sensual meals created with love and intention. Meals can be catered to your needs and are always Organic, Allergy-Free, Vegan / Vegetarian, Dairy Free and Gluten Free.