Thyroid Yoga Nidra

Thyroid Yoga Nidra

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In your personal 60-minute guided session over the phone with Fern Olivia, you will journey into a place of stillness, peace and relaxation - the condition your body needs for healing. Float free and bring back with you a healthy vision of your future as you become the witness to your true healing potential.

This form of yoga not only provides deep relaxation and helps sleep patterns but can also improve concentration, digestive issues, release stress and enhance intuition. 

Fern’s unique Thyroid Yoga Nidra practice is designed to clear out your personal energy field and revitalize your entire body, mind and spirit. Through body awareness and relaxing visualization techniques, you’ll enter a deeper state of consciousness and invite fresh, healing energy into the body. This practice is perfect for those who struggle with sleep, anxiety, and restlessness, or those who need a moment to relax and reset.

Fern’s approach to Yoga Nidra directs your awareness to each part of the body, alternating right and left, through the medium of the third-eye. This balances the hemispheres of the brain and cultivates intuition.

Upon purchasing your session, you will receive an email with instructions for booking your session over the phone with Fern Olivia. For questions around availability and scheduling, please email us at

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