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Are you ready to take responsibility for your thyroid health and understand your body in a new way? Are you ready to find confidence in your voice and set yourself free from what has held you back for years? If you are sensing that having it all is a possibility and crave the accountability and support from an expert who has been there and will help you - this was made for you. 

Through Fern Olivia's yoga videos and meditations, we will journey together as you understand your thyroid in a whole new way and create sustainable routines for lifelong health.

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  • 1 Thyroid Yoga sequence weekly for 6 weeks ($299 value)
  • Thyroid Yoga® Guided Meditation Bundle ($99 value)
  • Optional*: 1:1 Session with Fern Olivia (60 minutes, $295 value)

*Choose from CONTENT ONLY or CONTENT + 1:1 Session with Fern Olivia, where you will meet virtually on Zoom Video to create a personalized daily sadhana (Thyroid Yoga® practice) for your unique goals and desires.

How it works:
Within 24 hours upon enrollment, you will receive an email with a secure link to the content to view and download meditations and guided yoga sequences.

Let's start 2018 with a balanced thyroid and have you feel renewed, refreshed and ALIVE this year!


Dear Fern, I just wanted to thank you so much for creating the Thyroid Yoga® class. I just finished mine and already started practicing on my own and I can’t tell you just how good I felt, on the first day of my practice itself. I felt so light, energetic, upbeat and almost childlike.. I had no energy slumps that day, and didn’t need any stimulants like tea or coffee to get through my work day. Also I’ve been suffering from neck and shoulder pain for almost a year despite 2 round of physio that did not help at all and I can already feel that pain and stiffness leave my neck and shoulders... I also realized just how shy I am of using my voice. This is something I have to work on.. When we have to moan grain or make any sound, I am so uncomfortable, I had no idea, I would be so... Working on exercising that now. If you ever come to India I’d love to meet you. Thank you once again.