Sedona, Arizona — June 7-10, 2o19



Imagine walking gently upon the red earth immersed in the sounds, beauty

and colors of nature.

When you step onto sacred land something magical happens that is beyond words.

The red rocks change you…

Journey to the heart of Arizona

and awaken your soul.

This amazing experience will offer you

a lifetime of memories.

If you are ready to experience a personal soul journey then you have been called here for a reason.

Energies are vastly amplified in Sedona. The entire Sedona Valley is an Energy Vortex and whatever you seek to manifest or resolve, the energy pull is amplified. Sedona is an Ancient Land and a place of great wisdom from our Shamanic Ancestors.


Sedona is a place of great spiritual calling. It is a place where we can experience the rich beauty of the Earth Mother while you focus inward into the most profound journey of your Life. Here, you shall deepen your connection with your Inner Wisdom and with Spirit. The energy found in the Red Earth and mountains of Sedona is powerful and palpable and offers your Emotional and Spiritual Bodies the gift of alignment with the heartbeat of the Earth. The Great Mystery is very much alive in Sedona and it will leave an indelible place in your heart, forever…

Join Fern Olivia & Cerro Verde Retreats for a 4-day Retreat in a private home in the Sedona Red Rocks

Friday June 7 - Sunday June 10


During this special retreat you will gain new understandings about your life through intuitive medicine and self-reiki workshops, Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong, opportunities to make lifelong friendships, a tranquil healing environment in Sedona, Arizona, high-vibe plant-based food, and plenty private time for your personal connection with Spirit.




During this highly customized, intimate hands-on experience you'll feel energized, deeply connected to your inner Medicine Woman or Medicine Man. In this intimate, supportive space, you will feel safe, nourished, cared for, and understood.

Our time together will begin with an introspective conversation around your life path, desires, dreams, and intentions.

As we work together to dive deep into any of the challenges or dis-ease you have been experiencing in your physical or energetic body, you’ll enter into the state of self realizing, tapping into your own empowered self-healing potential.

Our time together may include a combination of yoga, Reiki energy work, mindfulness practices, meditation, chanting, creative movement, writing, nature hikes, aromatherapy, and culinary nourishment.

You will leave feeling nourished, inspired, empowered, confident, seen, heard, and understood. 


your nourishment

We believe that raw food has the greatest potential for healing once the body and gives perfect results in opening your intuitive channels as well as balancing the nervous system. Eating raw, plant-based, and organic during our retreat will raise your energy, your skin will glow, you will feel much more flexible and conscious of your body. We are passionate about eating tasty and healthy food, that’s why our special menu designed by Fern Olivia will open new doors for you to the world of Healing Nutrition. Inspired by nature and sustainable living, our artfully prepared, organic, raw, and always gluten-free cuisine is a highlight for our guests. Fern Olivia’s mouthwatering dishes will make anyone’s taste buds go dancing!

This retreat is designed to give you a deeply transformational experience in a short amount of time...

Our unique healing program on this retreat includes intimate small group sessions and plenty of space to be with yourself in nature. We provide an integrated approach to support your healing and personal growth by integrating four basic modules of healing: body, mind, spirit and soul.

Body – cleansing raw vegan menu, yoga, Qi Gong, Self-Reiki workshop, conscious dance practice, nature hikes

Mind – inspirational writing workshop and daily journaling

Spirit – Kirtans (devotional chanting), self-inquiry and mindfulness practices to re-discover who you truly are and live it, during and after our weekend together

Soul - Energy medicine to tap you into your inner medicine woman or medicine man, meditations to connect you with your spirit guides and healing guides

This retreat includes short periods of silence each day, meaning staying silent and internal. This quiet time will allow us to be present for our thoughts, intentions and our practice.

Workshop Offering:

2 hr Workshop - Unlock your Sensual Intelligence through Kundalini Yoga and Self-Reiki Attunement with Essential Oils

An Intuitive, sensually attuned human is a powerful human. One who is empowered in self-sensory realization. Whose Medicine will heal generations.

Unlock your Sensual Intelligence already within your body to experience a profound connection to your Inner Medicine Woman or Medicine Man. The secret already lies within you and now we unlock it through the intricate subtle rhythm of your body & psyche.

Fern Olivia will guide you through Kundalini Yoga, breath, chanting, and self-reiki attument with essential oils, in a journey where you will experience practical tools to align with nature and to know your sensory system so well you can give yourself what your soul needs to heal, move past blocks around love, pleasure and abundance, and powerfully call forth anything you desire


- Spiritual seekers who are interested in raising consciousness within themselves and others

- Those who want to live from the heart and be more self-aware, self-responsible, happy, and free

- Those who wish to live with more purpose and meaning

- Those who are interested in experiencing the power of Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong, Reiki and Energy Medicine to become more intuitive and clairvoyant

- Access inner guidance (connection to your heart, higher self, spirit guides and beyond)

- Accelerate your life path (increase creativity, manifestation and get clear on your next steps forward)

meet your host

Fern Olivia


Fern Olivia is fiercely passionate for embodying feminine grace and self-love and empowering all those who meet her to fall in love with a liberated, self-expressed life. Fern is an internationally recognized teacher, speaker and wellness journalist, and recently moved from Los Angeles to live her dream life in Nosara, Costa Rica where she leads one-on-one Thyroid Yoga® teacher trainings and has founded Nosara Wellness Guide and guides spiritual detoxes and liver cleanses. Through her own personal experiments, research and intimate journey, she has created retreats and experiences through which thousands of women and men have been able to tap into their own self-healing by adapting holistic rituals to support their vitality, and becoming their own intuitive healers. Her one-of-a-kind method infuses Kundalini Yoga, Bhakti Kirtan and Sacred Sound Healing, Qi Gong, Intuitive Energy Medicine and Integrative Nutrition.


Our Sedona location is a creekside island property in the heart of Sedona. The retreat center features ample space for walks, relaxation and inward focus, yet is just a few miles from popular local attractions. The majestic red rock scenery and vibrant vegetation create a unique energy and palpable regenerative effects. Sedona is internationally known for the uplifting power of its Vortex meditation sites.

Sedona spiritual vortexes are powerful and transformational energy centers that are located at specific sites throughout Sedona, Arizona. Vortexes are the intersections of natural electromagnetic earth energy, also known as ley lines.

Harness Vortex Energy for Your Own Personal Use

The Sedona vortex sites are powerful energy centers that emanate from the earth. This geomagnetic energy, like the acupuncture meridians and chakras in the body, are the spiritual and life energy of the planet. This energy can be used to connect with Spirit and increase your own personal energy field. It can be used to empower your own sacred centers for wisdom, insight, clarity, greater compassion, peace, intuition, and abundance. Seekers from all over the world come to Sedona for personal and planetary healing.

There are 3 types of vortexes in Sedona:

Magnetic vortexes have a feminine or “yin” energy because the energy flow is very nurturing, soft and welcoming and can assist you in inward activities, such as contemplation, meditation and reflection. Cathedral Rock–the “womb with a view” is a well-known magnetic vortex.

It’s also a beautiful natural cathedral and the most photographed red rock formation in Sedona.

An electrical vortex is a “yang” or masculine vortex. Electrical vortexes tend to be very energizing and are really great for getting the energy moving. Perfect for forward movement, setting intentions and increasing your resolve and stamina, electrical vortexes are somewhat akin to drinking a double espresso.

An electrical vortex such as Bell Rock is the right place to do a vigorous yoga flow or to chant or make prayers. Bell Rock will amplify your petitions and send them up and out into the Universe.

Balanced vortexes are simply a mix of electrical and magnetic energy, both yin and yang. For example, Airport Mesa is one of the best known balanced Sedona spiritual vortexes. Go to Airport or any balanced vortex to see things from a larger perspective and to gain clarity and a higher vision for your life.

Your own private haven.

20 minute drive from Flagstaff Airport

2 hours from Phoenix Airport

We have room for 6 special souls.

Please send any questions you may have to:



What's included?

The price includes transportation to and from Flagstaff Airport, your accommodations, guided hikes, two fresh and well balanced meals per day (brunch and dinner) plus a morning smoothie, local transportation and all workshops and guided practices.

And you'll have the time, space and support to gain new understandings about your life.

Who should come?

The retreat is intended for all those in need of rejuvenation, rest and relaxation, and those who are seeking a more mystical connection to their existing yoga and meditation practice. Nevertheless, it is suitable for beginners or those already proficient in either yoga or meditation. The Kundalini Yoga practices are suited for beginning as well as advanced practitioners!


What can I expect on a typical day?

Arrive from 3pm on first day, and depart after breakfast on the last day of the retreat.

Structure of the day (a guideline only, actual timetable will be provided on retreat):

7am-8am Teas in silence, journaling

8am - 9:15am Morning practice and workshop guided by Fern Olivia

9:30am - Smoothies, rest

Noon-1pm - Brunch

2pm-5:30pm Optional excursion, hiking

6:30pm - Dinner

7:30pm - Kirtan (devotional chanting)





Love stories

There is a special energy around healers and lightworkers that seems to grow stronger when you are physically closer. If you have the chance to attend a personal retreat with Fern, you will be changed forever.

A retreat with Fern is a dream come true. Her energy is so healing and encouraging and compassionate that you come away from time spent with Fern like a new person.
— Anya Bruder, Holistic Health Practitioner
Thank you so much for the wonderful experience, Fern! I feel loved and supported. Back in DC, my energy level is much higher. I also feel lighter and like I may have lost weight.

You are a beautiful, luminous soul who is doing such important work that will affect millions. I am so grateful and blessed to have found you and now have you as part of my tribe.
— Melissa Sabatine