Thyroid yoga teacher training

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The Thyroid Yoga® teaching path is a special dharma you have been called to embark upon to heal your own body and express your voice to the world - in your own unique way.

Besides the obvious investment of time and money to become a practitioner, the training journey may be a wild adventure through movement, painful ego cramps, leaning on global soul family community, palm-sweating self-doubt and uncertainty, blessed wounds revealed and darkness unveiled, and deep, joyful service. And that’s before you even start to teach and offer your service to the world.

Take a deep breath and ask your sweet soul this question:

Is this training right for me?

This is the first and most important question to ask yourself.

This program is for all those brilliant leaders who have invested time and energy in a deep exploration of their own health and have a deep desire to spread awareness from their own intimate experience, how the Thyroid Yoga method is a vehicle for intuitive medicine and self-healing; for all those who embody the Thyroid Yoga method and spiritual ritual and wish to speak their truth and radiate their impact globally.

Teaching this work is a path of practice and integrity - intense training and preparation to facilitate this healing practice - and humility - recognizing that teaching is truly a lifetime devotion to being a student.  

Once you take the tools from this training – offer them, practice them, live them, embody them – you begin the path toward being a Thyroid Yoga® teacher.

What is my current work in the world and how can the Thyroid Yoga method become part of my service of giving to others?

This is the second question to ask yourself.

We understand that not everyone is is destined for a life of service through teaching classes and workshops. The Thyroid Yoga mission is service, which is why we encourage our graduates to take their skills learned through the training to give freely to those who need the wisdom most - work with women in shelters, prisons, at-risk youth, recovery groups, the elderly, and teens.

We are devoted to empower all those across the globe to have a voice – to bring this healing work wherever it is needed, and will be a factor in who is selected to participate in this special program.

Once you have completed the training and have been authorized to teach, you will be expected to apply for a Thyroid Yoga license and participate in continuing education and teacher gatherings, which will give you access marketing of your events on the Thyroid Yoga website, invitation to exclusive graduation workshops, and extended support for your teaching practice.

the process

This training will be a profound initiation in preparation to lead people in the Thyroid Yoga practice to become a certified Thyroid Yoga teacher. It's an intensive, 100-hour process that includes two Level 1 training modules (offered online streaming along with personal mentorship with Fern Olivia and community teaching hours) as well as a Level 2 training module (offered in person in personal training with Fern Olivia in Nosara, Costa Rica as well as a teaching final exam and community service.

If we feel that you are prepared to enter the training path, we will welcome you into a personal training mentorship with Fern Olivia.

If we feel that you need more fundamentals or other experience in order to explore further your personal growth within the Thyroid Yoga practice, we are committed to work with you on a study plan to support you in your healing and confidence in your voice.

We are excited to also offer our Thyroid Yoga Mentorship program: to guide and support you, your daily practice, and your community as you work towards preparing to enter the training, or accountability and support post-training. In order to be considered for participation in this special program with a Thyroid Yoga Master Teacher selected by Fern Olivia, we must receive your application and interest below.

I am wholeheartedly grateful to explore together the path to join the growing international community of certified teachers who share their love of Thyroid Yoga®’s unique healing practice around the world to all those who will be gifted the medicine you give from your heart.

With immense gratitude,


training opportunities

Please take a moment to review our training programs. We currently offer two options for training.

The first includes access to the complete collection of Thyroid Yoga® instructional videos.

The second option includes the complete library as well as personalized guidance and support with Fern Olivia, culminating in a Thyroid Yoga® certification at the completion of the mentorship.


Once we receive your application, Fern Olivia will invite you to have a conversation around your desires for the training and together you will determine which training opportunity feels like the best fit for you.

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For the woman who is looking for the most intimate, deep healing and support, we recommend a personal retreat with Fern Olivia in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Our planet is crying out for you to live a life of freedom aligned with your voice, your truth. You are supported and guided. Believe this, and you’ll be astounded at the miracles that greet you.
— Fern Olivia