The information and recommendations outlined in Thyroid.Yoga® are not intended as a substitute for personalized medical advice; the client of Thyroid.Yoga® should see a qualified health-care provider. Thyroid.Yoga® proposes lifestyle recommendations that are meant to accompany and complement both integrative and functional medicine. It is left to the discretion and it is the sole responsibility of the user of the information provided on the Thyroid.Yoga® website and within the Thyroid.Yoga® programs to determine if recommendations are appropriate. The author of this information cannot be held responsible for the information or any inadvertent errors or omissions of the information.

The information on Thyroid.Yoga® should not be construed as a claim or representation that any procedure or product mention constitutes a specific cure, palliative, or ameliorative. Procedures and nutritional recommendations describes should be considered as adjunctive by the attending licensed doctor.

It is the concern of the Department of Health and Human Services that no homeopathic or nutritional supplements be established be used to replace established, conventional medical approaches, especially in the case of emergencies, serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions. I share in this concern, as replacing conventional treatment with such remedies, especially in serious cases, may deprive the client of necessary treatment. The nutritional and lifestyle recommendations made in all Thyroid.Yoga® content and programs should not be used as replacements for conventional medical treatment.

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the information detailed in this document. The nutritional and lifestyle recommendations in Thyroid.Yoga® content and programs are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.