Foret Cleanse at-home enema kit



Certified Organic Matcha from Afterglow Health (Healthy energy that won't cause a crash! Well-suited for those trying to wean off coffee!)

Hypoallergenic Pea Protein Powder with Branch Chain Amino Acids & Digestive Enzymes from Mindful Health - use code FERNOLIVIA for 10% off

Organic Brazil Nut Butter (high in Selenium and Vitamin E for thyroid health!)

Organic Maca Powder (for energy, mental clarity, libido, stamina!)

Organic Spirulina (amazing source of plant protein from the sea, strengthens the Immune System and supports cardiovascular and thyroid health)

Brain Octane Oil 



More Pantry Must Haves

Hypoallergenic organic non-GMO Pea Protein Powder

Organic Raw Hemp Protein Powder



Love Bug Probiotics

Liver Support Supplement - helps with brain fog

Rhodiola - brain fog, fatigue, mental clarity, energy

Brain Octane Oil - Put in smoothies or on top of salad, helps with brain fog

5-HTP - Mood, depression, stress


Daily Thyroid Vitality Tonic:

Hot water  + Shilajit + Ashwaganda + chayawanprash tonic + top with steamed almond milk/coconut milk

Daily Morning Balance Smoothie:

Matcha green tea powder + Brain Octane Oil + Garden of Life Probiotic Protein Powder + almond butter + 2 brazil nuts + almond milk/coconut milk


And if you're wondering the one supplement I recommend most:

The #1 supplement or food that I've had the most success with in regulating my thyroid and healing from Hashimoto's Hypothyroid Disease has been Shilajit. Shilajit is an ancient Ayurvedic herb which was reputed to be brain food for Aristotle! It is a plant-based mineral complex that is known to have 85+ micro-minerals and trace elements in an ionic and bioavailable form, and contains fulvic acid which helps to deliver the minerals to the body. A strong detoxification agent, research has shown that it can dissolve thyroid nodules. I know it's worked for me because I've lost weight after nothing else was working, I'm not craving sugar, my eyes are bright and the whites are really white, my skin complexion is glowing and more vibrant, and I'm full of energy in the morning! All you need is a pinch, literally. It comes in a resin that you can put right under your tongue for the best absorption (you will get used to the bitter taste) or add to a smoothie for first-timers. My go-to source is from Lotus Blooming Herbs - it's by far the best quality I've ever found, and I've done my research!