Word on the street


summer sanders, founder of local juicery

“The first time I met Fern was at my juice bar in Sedona, she was on a girls trip with some other amazing women. I was touched by her calm but somehow fiery energy. She was absolutely radiant. I didn’t know anything about her, but I could tell she was a mover and a shaker. I could also tell that she was 100% comfortable in her body. She had that effortless sexiness that only people who really have found a place of love whiten themselves have. I was intrigued! We all sat down for lunch and I learned a bit about Fern and her amazing journey, Thyroid Yoga® and her beautiful body care line Ajai (I now carry it at Local Juicery!). Fern is what strong and radiant is all about. She is strong, she is radiant and she is grounded in love and authenticity.

Something I love about Fern is her follow through. I’ve found that success is dependent on a few key things, and follow through is one of them. I appreciate people who let you now whats up! Fern is awesome at this. I feel very grateful to be connected to her, keep your eye on her because she’s done/doing/will do many beautiful things.”


Cindy Anderson

"I am writing to thank you for your class on thyroid yoga with mindbodygreen.com. In the introduction, you mentioned several symptoms that you experienced associated with thyroid dysfunction.  As I was listening to you, I realized that you were listing many of the same issues I have been experiencing. I thought maybe I, too, may have a thyroid problem.  I instinctively reached up and touched my throat as I pondered this possibility.  Immediately, I felt a lump on my thyroid. After seeing my physician, having an ultrasound, and a fine needle biopsy this past week, I have been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. Luckily, and because of you, the prognosis is positive for me, since it was caught so early.  That would not have happened without you and mindbodygreen.com!

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your journey and wisdom!"

Update: March 1, 2017

"To answer your question, I am feeling wonderful! I had a total thyroidectomy in late October and then Radioactive Iodine in December. My physicians say that my progress is remarkable at this point. I really owe that all to you!



“Fern is an incredible teacher. She is warm, compassionate and extremely knowledgable. She combines ancient wisdom of yogic and Ayurvedic practices with functional techniques to help restore and realign the energetic and biochemical mechanisms that influence thyroid functioning.

I highly recommend working with her if you would like to resolve your dependency on survival mode and embody beautiful harmony in your body again. Thyroid Yoga® is a must for anyone who no longer wants to be held hostage by energy depletion and lethargy.”



Since completing my training with you, I have been busy sharing my story with my students and fellow faculty and singing your praises - you are an inspired spirit! So excited to use my certification to help spread the Thyroid Yoga word. I feel blessed to be able to provide others with the tools and support to confidently increase health and wellness of their thyroid in a holistic way.

And - my doctors were so surprised when I went in to have my blood levels checked and my thyroid levels were fine - and even more surprised I never went on medication! Thyroid Yoga saved me!

Akshita Phoolka, India

"Dear Fern, I just wanted to thank you so much for creating the Thyroid Yoga class on mindbodygreen. I just finished mine and already started practicing and I can't tell you just how good I felt, on the first day of my practice itself. I felt so light, energetic, upbeat and almost childlike.. I had no energy slumps that day, and didn't need any stimulants like tea or coffee to get through my work day. Also I've been suffering from neck and shoulder pain for almost a year despite 2 round of physio that did not help at all and I can already feel that pain and stiffness leave my neck and shoulders... I also realized just how shy I am of using my voice. This is something I have to work on.. When we have to moan grain or make any sound, I am so uncomfortable, I had no idea, I would be so... Working on exercising that now. If you ever come to India I'd love to meet you. Thank you once again."

Patricia Echeverria, Founder of experiment on Purpose 

You are truly a delight to work with, always feeling so inspired by your energy to uplift the planet, and the devotion to the work you do. I loved hearing you talk about your own journey to find Creative Courage, and the ways that you continue to tap into the source of creative power and inspiration within.  I felt so inspired after our conversation, and simply felt the depth of devotion you have. My biggest takeaways from you, that I am super excited to share about is our responsibility to express our truth, for our health, wellbeing, and ultimately for the betterment of the planet; also the power of collaboration and community in the Aquarian Age: why we should create more partnerships and play the comparison game less. You are an inspiration in my life, thank you. 

Ginger Tait, Thyroid Yoga® student

"Thank you for being an inspiration Fern. I know I am on the path to being a better me and I am so glad that I crossed paths with you. The work you are doing is inspiring and I have made so many positive changes in my lifestyle since the intensive with you and Dr. Gabrielle Lyon. Feeling pretty darn good. And now between the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and your Thyroid Yoga® training, it can only get better." 

Denise Provenza, client

“I had my check up last month and I had to reduce my thyroid medication! Although I’m not off it, the dosage has been lowered significantly which is so great. My A1c and glucose went down as well, so my health is noticably improving, thanks to the yoga and meditation practices!”


"Fern Langham is a one of those rare natural healers who has a gift for truly connecting with her clients intuitively and customizing a therapeutic program for them. 

Her Thyroid Yoga® program is a comprehensive approach to healing thyroid issues. She brings to the table a wealth of healing modalities and weaves them into a systematic approach in a nurturing & deeply nourishing fashion.

She embodies the essence of wellness and has learned through the process of healing herself.

Let her journey inspire yours.

If you are looking for a real holistic approach on healing your body, there isn't anyone better than Fern Langham."

Elena Brower, Author of Art of Attention

“Fern is a gifted teacher who holds a very special place in my heart. Her Thyroid Yoga® work yields a profound, cellular-level shift in her clients. 

Her intuitive wisdom helps her students heal themselves through movement, breathwork, and spiritual practice. Her work elevates, guides, and invites deep healing.”

Fern is magic! I have worked with Fern for the past 15 months and it has been a journey into personal freedom. As a Master Healer, taking time for self-healing practices is essential to my rejuvenation rituals. Working with Fern brought my focus and consciousness to a different physical and spiritual place, that which I had not been before. My sessions with her allowed for my mind, spirit and body to heal. Her angelic voice and healing hands, coupled with the wealth of knowledge she has to share, undoubtedly signifies to me a true Master Healer and Expert. But what truly stands out in Fern is her innate kindness and passion to give - to give fully from her heart. 

When we first began working together, I realized Fern was an open book. Her focused intention of using her personal narrative of illness - (living with hypothyroidism for over 10 years,) was indeed the catalyst for her to create a dynamic healing program that focused on thyroid health. She is the gal to go to on this and I know she will continue to make a valuable contribution to the health and wellness of others through her one-on-one Health coaching and  Thyroid Yoga® program. 

"Your course is nurturing to my body and soul. Thank you for your work in the world! It feels so potent and transformational and, for me right now, it is much needed."  - Sonia Todorova