6 Elixirs To Eliminate Brain Fog (And The Rest Of Your Thyroid Symptoms)

Do you ever feel like your brain has a thick layer of fog surrounding it? One of the most common symptoms of thyroid disorders and hormone imbalances is brain fog—a sensation that makes you extra tired and unable to focus.

Thankfully, there are some quick fixes to banish your brain fog so you can get back to work...and play! Read on for my favorite elixirs to restore mental clarity.


Chaga extract is my remedy of choice to banish brain fog. Chaga, a therapeutic mushroom, is great for cleansing and nourishing the liver and lymphatic system and boosting immunity naturally. It is also considered to be a superb kidney tonic. David Wolfe, a superfood expert, loves chaga because it contains the highest amounts of anti-tumor compounds of any herb. These compounds are in the form of betulin, betulinic acid, and lupeol, which are powerful anti-mutagenic compounds naturally present in the white part of the birch tree's bark (in which the chaga typically grows). Chaga is also extremely high in nourishing phytochemicals, nutrients, and free-radical scavenging antioxidants, especially melanin. Chaga is second only to cacao (the chocolate nut) in antioxidant content. Chaga is the most powerful cancer-fighting herb known and fights all kinds of radiation damage to healthy tissue. If it can fight cancer, you can bet it will fight your brain fog, too. I've replaced my morning coffee fix with chaga from Dragon Herbs. I steep chicory root in hot water and then add chaga powder with a dash of cinnamon and add a splash of coconut or almond milk. It's next-level!


Astragalus root is one of the most powerful immune-boosting plants out there and has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. An adaptogen, Astragalus stimulates the adrenals, which manages the body's hormonal response to physical, mental, or emotional stresses. Steep the shredded root in hot water to ward off midday stress and fatigue.


Shilajit has been known for centuries by the people of the mountains of central Asia—Nepal, India, Russia, and Tibet. They are known to have nearly boundless energy, and it's believed that regular consumption of shilajit is the reason. Mineral-rich shilajit helps metabolize proteins and vitamins, contains antioxidants that promote cellular regeneration, and clears your head. It dissolves well in water so is perfect to keep in your purse for whenever you might need a quick brain boost.Lotus Blooming is currently the only company supplying the highest grace Himalayan-sourced, fair trade, and ethically sourced pure shilajit in its genuine and authentic form—a black, gummy mineral resin. I take it every morning to boost my thyroid and give me radiant energy, and it especially comes in handy when I travel. It's my antidote to jet lag, too.


I'm obsessed with maca. Not only is it delicious, but it's a mind-blowing superfood elixir. Maca root is high in vitamins B, C, and E; increases energy levels; and helps to balance your hormones—all good things to up your brain power! It's perfect to add in your morning smoothie or drink on its own as a warm, earthy beverage. I love to whisk or blend turmeric, black pepper, and maca with warm coconut, hemp, or almond milk for a delicious superfood, brain-fog-eliminating latte.


Rhodiola extract is amazing for combating the stress of the information age—fatigue, mental fog, trouble concentrating, low energy, and even mild depression. I've noticed a tremendous boost of energy and mental clarity while taking these potent herbs! Try using a dropperful or so of a tincure in your juice or hot brew when your brain fog comes on and get ready to experience the clear-headedness that lies ahead.

Bone Broth

"Leaky gut" syndrome, a common initiator of thyroid disorders and hormonal imbalance, happens when your gut lining is overgrown with harmful microbes. These toxins that are normally confined to the intestines get into circulation, causing brain fog and autoimmune reactions. Bone broth contains gelatin, which helps seal the "leaky" parts in the intestines so those toxins can no longer pass through the intestinal wall. Drinking bone broth also boosts your immunity, increases energy, improves digestion, and contains collagen to give you a more youthful appearance. Grab some bones and toss into a slow cooker, or use the broth as a soup! 

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