What My Mindfulness Practice Looks Like

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Where do you meditate?

My favorite place to meditate and chant is on the beach where I live, in Venice Beach. During the early hours, I have the gift of staying inside and meditating by my fireplace as I hear the waves crash steps away. It's surreal. 

My spiritual awakening happened during a particular meditation when my soul called me home, and I heard a clear voice that commanded I move from New York City to Venice. I've had meditations where my mind will be chattering and running through a massive to-do list and then all of a sudden BOOM! — my body shifts and I see a vision on a movie screen and I'm watching my future life. 

When you sit for meditation, ask your higher guidance to give you exactly what you need through this practice.

There are some meditations where I see colors or feel feelings, and others where I hear the voice of my soul and have clear conversations. Other times, I'm watching my breath and it's just a practice of noticing my thoughts. Each practice is precisely that — a practice of getting quiet and listening.


I meditate every day, first thing in the morning, ideally before sunrise and when the rest of the world wakes up. I know that once I look at my phone, I'm already putting everyone else's priorities over mine, and I'm infringing on my time to honor myself. 

Your daily meditation practice should feel like a kiss you give yourself, on the lips! It's that devotion and integrity to your own well-being that will be the game-changer in attracting the relationship, career, and health that you are so deeply desiring. I know this because I see this every day in my own practice and witness the radical changes in my clients!

What type of meditation do you practice?

I practice and teach Kundalini meditation and breath work, guided meditation and visualization, and chanting mantra meditation. I've also created a meditation method for entrepreneurs and forward-thinking professionals, known as Amplify | Effect, which is based in Los Angeles, as well as Thyroid.Yoga™, which infuses ancient healing wisdom and meditation techniques to support the thyroid and balance hormones. 

Props used?

I use a cushion, pillow, or a yoga block so my hips are elevated over my knees and I have a nice long spine. Make sure you are sitting comfortably on something so that your cerebral spinal fluid can travel freely from the base of the spine up to your brain. You want to have a clear channel for the energy to travel up and out through the crown of your head.

This is my favorite meditation cushion for men — it gives lots of extra height for maximum comfort!

Why do you meditate?

I've made my daily meditation practice non-negotiable, and as my teacher, Guru Jagat says, "How can you expect to have the relationship, the job, the body — whatever the 'thing' is — if you're not committed to your sadhana every single day? If you're doing it 'almost every day' then you're just going to get almost 'the thing.'" It's so true — when I show up, my intuition is light-saber sharp and I can manifest like that [snaps]. 

Advice for first-time meditators:

When you sit for meditation, ask your higher guidance to give you exactly what you need through this practice, for any healing in your body, or anything to be released to be gracefully lifted from your energetic or physical body.

Then, trust that the seat you have chosen was the perfect seat for this practice, and that the outcome of the practice is not important. It's okay for your mind to wander; in fact, it's just doing its job! Trust that every time you come back to your breath, or a mantra you are working with, is a miracle.

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