Kundalini Yoga: Kriya for Strengthening the Aura & Nervous System

This kriya taught by Yogi Bhajan will make the aura bright and clear. It also clears the arcline and balances the hemispheres of the brain. 


Tune in by pressing your palms together and chanting the mantra ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO three times. Inhale, briefly hold the breath and exhale.


Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan works to balance and strengthen the aura. The aura (8th chakra) is the circumvent field or force that surrounds all the other chakras. It protects a person from negative influences and projects our true nature into the world. When our aura is weak, we are vulnerable to everything around us — diseases, negative attitudes, emotions — and feel sickly. A strong aura filters negative influences and allows us to live vibrantly and feel happy and healthy.  

This is a great kriya for keeping disease away and developing your aura!

Part I: Kriya for Strengthening the Aura - Source: Spirit Voyage

This yoga set is from the Kundalini Yoga: Sadhana Guidelines.

When the [aura] is strong, and the other chakras are aligned and functioning well, your presence alone seems to work and direct many of the forces in the universe to effortlessly fulfill your desires and needs ( The Aquarian Teacher).

1. Triangle Pose (Down Dog) with leg extended. Start on your hands and knees. From this position, lift the hips so that the body forms a triangle. Raise the right leg up with the knee straight so your spine and extended leg form a line. Exhale—bend the elbows and bring the head forward and down toward the ground. Inhale—lift up. Continue this triangle push-up for 90 seconds. Switch legs and continue for another 90 seconds.

2. Sit in Easy Pose. Extend the left arm forward, parallel to the ground with the palm facing to the right. Bring the right arm, with the palm facing down, beneath the left wrist. From this position, drop the thumb side of the hand down and turn the right hand so that the palm faces the back of the left hand. With both palms facing the right, lock the fingers of the right hand down over the left and the fingers of the left hand down over the right. Inhale—raise the arms to 60°. Exhale—bring the arms down to the starting point, extended parallel to the ground. Keep the elbows straight. Breathe deeply for 2 to 3 minutes. Then inhale—stretch the arms up and relax.

3. Sit in Easy Pose. Extend the arms forward, parallel to the ground with the palms facing each other about 6 inches apart. As you inhale, let the arms drop back and stretch toward each other. Exhale—bring them forward to the original position. This feels like a natural swing as the arms go back and down then snap back forward. The shoulders stay relaxed through the swing at about 8 swings per 10 seconds. Continue 3 minutes with a deep rhythmic breath.

Comments: This is a great kriya for keeping disease away and developing your aura. The time can be built up to 7½ minutes for each side in Exercise 1; and 15 minutes each for Exercises 2 and 3. This will create a tremendous sweat. It will rid you of almost any digestive problem. It gives strength to the arms and it extends the power of protection and projection in the personality.


Part II: 11 minute meditation for strengthening the aura - As taught by Jai Dev Singh

Image: Mantras & Miracles



Sit in Easy Pose. Fully extend the arms out to the sides with the fingers stretched back from the palm and tensed like claws. The entire hand should be rigid and taut, like a lion’s paw. Alternately cross your wrists over your head and return your arms out to your sides, parallel to the ground. Keep the lion’s paw tight. Move powerfully and rhythmically. Begin a breath of fire inhaling and exhaling through the mouth with an “O” shaped mouth, coordinating one inhale-exhale with each movement as you breathe rythmically with the mantra “Har” - listen here.

Continue for 11 minutes and then without stopping, then inhale and hold the arms up at 60° for 15 seconds with the fingers spread wide, inhale deeply, hold, and exhale.


Bring the hands together at the center of the chest, inhale deeply, exhale. Chant Sat Nam 1-3x.



*IMPORTANT* Please modify as needed for any injuries you have. Women who are on the first three days of your moon cycle (menstrual cycle), you may choose not to do breath of fire, but just to use a natural, deep breath instead.

Curious about how to add this POWERFUL practice to your daily ritual?

Fern Langham