Thyroid Yoga® certified practitioners

Recommended practitioners who have completed the Level 1 Certification

kelly brearly



Location: UK


Specialities: Kelly is a qualified NLP practitioner and specializes in trance hypnotherapy. Other areas of expertise include:

  • Cure for Pain (online course focussing on emotional pain and addictive behaviours)

  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher

  • Thyroid Yoga® Certified Practitioner

  • Spiritual Mentoring

  • Meditation Teacher

Certifications: BSc(HONS), NLP Prac., SYT, E-RYT, BSY(IH), KRI Certified Instructor, ThyroidYoga™ Practitioner

Biography: Graduating with a Bachelor of Science with honors in Business & Property Management she pursued her career in real estate. It didn’t take long before Kelly craved more; she followed her heart and ever growing desire in natural health and wellbeing.

A dedicated educator & student of health, Kelly has been a nutritional therapist and yoga teacher for over 11 years. Her studies have taken her around the globe and even to Rishikesh, India where she studied Kundalini with Gurmukh. Healing her own ailments from a young age, when modern medicine and countless operations could not, has fueled her passion for nurturing others in the same way. 

Kelly, founder of True You is at her happiest when she continues to bring profound serenity and joy to the minds and hearts of all around her, helping others to not only find peace but flourish in every area of their life.

True You provides holistic health coaching via workshops, retreats, online courses and 1:1 for businesses and individuals on their own journey of discovering their purpose and highest potential. 

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Jennifer gross

Email Address:

Location: Mansfield, CT USA


Specialities: Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for Anxiety/Emotional Regulation, Yoga for Children, Holistic Nutrition, Ayurveda

Certifications: Kid Calm Yoga, Thyroid Yoga™, AFPA Holistic Nutritionist

Biography: After dealing with her own experience of an autoimmune condition and anxiety, Jen found solace and healing through Kundalini Yoga and nutrition. She is passionate about guiding people on their own path of self directed healing. Jen graduated from University of Connecticut with a degree in psychology and sociology before embarking on the path of holistic healing. She has taught pilates, spinning and group exercise classes and is thrilled to begin the journey of teaching others Thyroid Yoga®. She lives in Mansfield with her King Charles Cavalier Zumi and her cat Buddy.



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lee ann hilbrich

Email Address:

Location: Houston, TX, USA


Specialities: Holistic psychotherapy healing that incorporates mind, body and spirit, with a focus on trauma and anxiety. Creative art, play, and compassion workshops and online courses for adults. Daring Way™ experiences based on the vulnerability and shame research of Dr. Brené Brown.

Certifications: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor; Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, Enrolled in a Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga Teacher Training and excepted completion and RYT April 2017

Biography: Lee Ann Hilbrich is the owner of Daring Discoveries, a creative business. She is an artist, a holistic psychotherapist, and a soon to be yoga teacher. As part of her own healing journey with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis she discovered the importance of healing that incorporates mind, body, and spirit.  Diving into creativity and embracing imperfection changed her life and now she loves creating experiences to help people tap into their creative souls and live a more wholehearted life. Her most recent project was creating with LEGO® bricks everyday for a year, which culminated in an inspiring art exhibit, and the knowledge she learned will soon be shared in an online creative course.



Email Address:

Location: Mexico City


Specialities: Holistic nutrition, thyroid yoga,entrepreneurship

Certifications: Thyroid Yoga®

Biography: Judith is formally trained in interior design and is a co founder of No Label Wine. After a diagnosis of a thyroid condition, she enrolled in holistic nutrition in Bauman College, and became a certified Thyroid Yoga® practitioner. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and healing experience through workshops and talks, and aims to reach Spanish speaking countries. Currently based in Mexico City.


Email Address:

Location: Dornbirn, Austria


Specialities: Holistic nutritional coaching that addresses sources and remedies for malnutrition and imbalances in the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies of the individual.

Certifications: Institute of Integrative Nutrition, 2014, Thyroid Yoga®

Biography: Kirsten Vuissa graduated with an MA in German Literature and Women's Studies from BYU in 2002, after which she dedicated herself to her husband and 3 children for the next 12 years. Unable to find relief from her increasing symptoms of discomfort and dis-ease with the help of doctors, Kirsten was determined to find the reason for her ailments. Food became her medicine and creative outlet. However, after every elimination diet failed to sustainably heal her immune system, she realized that what she ate was only one part of the equation. Her studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (2013-2014) confirmed her suspicion that health was a result of more that just the "perfect" diet. Her work with clients is now based on the model that each individual is more than their physical form but rather encompasses their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects. Today, Kirsten is an advocate for and teacher of knowing your various forms of hunger and feeding all of your 4 bodies with nourishing foods. Becoming certified in Thyroid Yoga® was a natural fit for Kirsten as it provides powerful tools that holistically address and alleviate blocks.