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ReCLAIM Your hEALTH WITH wisdom from western & eastern medical perspectives, kundalini YOGIc scIENCE AND integrAtive nutrition, in a proven method founded by fern olivia, acclaimed “The Thyroid Whisperer” by mindbodygreen


When you arrive on Earth, you are given one precious body.

This is the vessel that carries your soul for the duration of this lifetime you are given.

Your sacred body is your tool for fulfilling what you came here to do, and you must care for it, as it cannot be replaced.


Receive personalized guidance in online sessions with Fern Olivia

NEW! intuitive medicine sessions

finally understand your body in a deeper way with answers and direction from fern olivia, intuitive healer

I have terrific news!!! I saw my endocrinologist this past Thursday and my thyroid and blood sugar levels are better than ever. In fact, they are so good I have been released from care and only need to check-in annually. I wish more people were educated in practical alternatives for counterbalancing autoimmune disorder symptoms and preventative care.
— Theresia Portoghese, Thyroid Yoga® Instructor at Rollins College

Experience the healing power of plant medicine charged with sacred geometry and ancient healing mantra

Try Fern Olivia’s Intuitively created, 100% Organic thyroid and hormone balancing essential oils

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6-days with Fern Olivia in Nosara, Costa Rica

receive hands-on attention and loving, personalized support in an all-inclusive medicine woman retreat, located in fern olivia’s healing oasis, a national geographic recognized blue zone


your body is speaking to you.

Receive the tools to understand your inner healer and confidence to create your own ripple effect of health in our global community.



Become a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

study integrative nutrition with my teachers and leading revolutionaries as you CREATE A LIFE THAT ALIGNS WITH YOUR HEART AND SOUL


you are being called upon to join a global mission to empower a mass movement of Healing and self-expressioN


live inspired

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fern olivia and thyroid yoga® have been joyfully acclaimed in...