Guest Post by Erica "Nourish Avenue" - Happy & Radiant Again: Erica’s Thyroid Yoga® Practitioner Training Story

When this note from Erica, a recent Thyroid Yoga® graduate, landed in my inbox, my heart swelled up with gratitude and tears came to my eyes. Beautiful stories like hers remind me why I created Thyroid Yoga® and why I love to train teachers, both in small groups, and as in her case, individually! It is a dream come true to watch my students rediscover their radiance!


Happy & Radiant Again: Erica’s Thyroid Yoga® Practitioner Training Story with Fern Olivia

I signed up for Fern’s Virtual Thyroid Yoga® Practitioner Training program to catalyze my own healing from Hashimoto’s and work with others to heal their Thyroid conditions too. The training integrates powerful lessons and practices with Kundalini teachers from RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology, leaders in Functional medicine and practitioners in Ayurvedic medicine.


Something that I personally find heartbreaking with anyone suffering a Thyroid condition, is the loss of a natural glow and zest for life because you don’t have enough energy to move stagnant energy. Some of the exercises that are taught in Thyroid Yoga® training are so simple and the healing affects are monumental. After 1 session of a 3 minute cat cow exercise my mind can be cleared from brain fog and I am excited for my day - something that I haven’t felt control over in a really long time.


The Kundalini Kriyas combined with Thyroid Yoga® sequences and chanting helps to clear brain fog, remove other areas of stagnation in the body and balance hormones on the glandular level. Together all of this results in a renewed sense of self, confidence and better Thyroid health. Who wouldn’t want to feel this way, right!?


After completing my virtual hours, I completed my day intensive with Fern in Malibu California in November of 2017. Working 1-on-1 with Fern was pure healing magic. The day started with a beautiful beach meditation with crystals to set my intentions for becoming a practitioner. The ocean is incredibly healing. Fun Fact: Malibu is where Fern first heard the call to move to LA. We then practiced with Thyroid Yoga® Sequences where I got the chance to ask questions and practice teach with her. We ate lunch at Malibu Farm Cafe where we enjoyed delicious salmon salads and talked about nutrition for healing the Thyroid. And we closed our day with a beautiful chanting meditation in the mountains. Fern provided the attention and care that I needed in order to step into my new role as a Thyroid Yoga® Practitioner.


“When someone creates something with all their heart, that creation is given a soul”. - Hayao Miyazaki

This training has brought my joy back, physical balance, and renewed sense of purpose - a thousand hugs to Fern is not enough to thank her for creating this training. I look forward to working with others to improve their Thyroid health and reclaim their radiance. You can find me online here. I will be opening up Thyroid Yoga® sessions in 2018.

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